Get Some Knowledge Before Buying Your Lipsticks

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Lipstick is one of the essential make up things that any women must have.  It is like an incomplete day if you forget to put lipstick on while the rest of your make up procedure is done.  But how many of you know which type of lipstick that suits you?  Do you choose lipsticks based solely on the color or you just stick with the nude shade, which suits anytime?

Knowledge about characteristics of lipstick is important before you can choose which one suits your mood or the shape of your lips.  Here are some info about lipsticks taken from to give you an idea or two before you actually buy your favorite lipsticks.

1. Moisturizing lipsticks

The kind of lipstick that can wet your dry lips and it is rich with Vitamin E, glycerin and aloe vera which help make your lips smooth, soft and shiny.  The moisturizing lipsticks are suitable for people who have dry lips or who are often exposed in cold conditions. Lip balm is one of the examples of moisturizing lipsticks.  Simply pick your favorite color or choose the non-color sticks if you are comfortable with it and go about your day with confidence.

2. Satin and sheer lipsticks

Like moisturizing lipsticks, this lipstick also can make your lips look shiny and glossy. The sheer lipsticks have high oil content therefore you should not reapply it many times to avoid your lips appearing too glossy. Oh, and another tip, the colour of this type of lipstick is usually darker than your lips so choose the shade wisely before making your purchase.

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3. Matte lipstick

This is the most popular lipstick among women nowadays.  It is a perfect choice for the individuals who are looking for that colorful lovely shade. Matte lipstick stays in place and does not transfer easily. You do not have to keep reapplying it.

4. Cream lipstick

To those who have small lips, cram lipstick is your go-to makeup. Like matte, it also does not give a shiny effect but is has smooth effect to your lips. Apply lip-gloss afterwards for a more enhance look.  Cream lipsticks have more wax to it to protect your lips, but please be aware it also can look terrible on dry lips.

5. Gloss lipstick

This is another popular choice of lipstick among women besides matte.  Women who have thin or small lips can use this lipstick to make their lips shine and enhance the dimension of depth.  Glosses also are always used as a combination with other lipsticks to get that full beautified effect.

6. Long-lasting lipstick

This type of lipsticks always the perfect choice to those who do not like to always keep reapplying as it can last from 4 to 8 hours.  You can wear it for long hours as long as you don’t eat something oily or greasy that day.  You can find some of this lipstick contains moisturizer to balance the dryness of your lips.

Now you are ready to buy your own kind of lipstick.  Choose the right color which represents your character and tell us what your favorite pick is by dropping some comments below.


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