A Quick Guide On Saving Money

Screen Shot 2016-04-11 at 1.33.44 PMThis post was brought to you by Zalora.

It is a general consensus that saving money has been a pretty challenging thing to do. We might all have the plan to set some cash aside as our savings but when it comes to implementing it in real life, it is as hard as losing weight – probably something that one will just say or think of doing but never gotten around to take it seriously.

If you are wondering what are the subtle ways which can help you save some of your hard earn money, here are some tips that can actually save you a few bucks without you realizing.

#1: Try your best to avoid eating-out

Opt to eat at home before going out to save up money. It’s cheaper this way and healthier because you will never know what exactly are the ingredients in your food when you eat it in a restaurant. Want to satisfy your craving? Make your own meal from scratch at home will help improve your culinary skills other than save your money.

#2: Shop online rather than in stalls

The difference between shopping online compared to retails stores is that you can get cheaper price online. The qualities is just as the same as at the stores. Online sites normally offer you coupon codes for discounts, fantastic deals or get your friends to order with you in bulk so you can cut down on the delivery fees.

#3: Revise your hobby

If you have an expensive hobby like going to the club and getting drunk every Friday and Saturday night, that is an extravagant hobby to have. Try building a fun yet low-cost habit like going on hikes, swimming or hanging out with your friends casually around town which will only cut down your expenditure but not the level of your fun. Or if you like reading, you can always opt for borrowing books from the public or school libraries, from friends, second hand bookshops or find an eBook online!

#4: Think before you buy

We all have been there, done that. Buying clothes/shoes/bags just because you felt like you “needed” those things for survival but eventually leaving them to rot in the closet. From now onwards, before you buy something, take some time to consider when and under what circumstances you will use it. Or how long will you be using it for and can you live without it? This might help reduce the impulsive desires that will make you potentially buy something that you don’t actually need in life.

#5: Have a goal for saving money

Whether it is saving up money for your dream car since years ago or saving up for travelling, having a goal will help motivate you to strive towards it. No matter how hard the process of avoiding that extra piece of clothing that you feel like buying or cutting down your Starbucks craving, thinking that each step will lead you closer to your goal will make you feel that every bit of you effort is worth it. Thus, this will encourage you to save up more in the long run.

From personal experience, I feel saving money is not about making yourself feel restricted and deprived in life but it’s about using your creativity and rationality in cutting down unnecessary extravagant expenses in order to live a life that you have always wanted. All the best J

Do you have any other ways to cut your spending? Feel free to share them with us in the comment section below.

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