Lipsticks from London.


In my last lipstick post, I’ve recommended different types of lipsticks from drugstore to Korean ones but this time around, my focus will be just drugstore brands and how you can choose some good ones, or how to make use of the not-so-great ones.

When it comes to lipstick, the first thing I would always look at is the color. Only after I’m attracted to the color would I then swatch the sample product on the back of my hand to see how pigmented the product is, and to check what kind of finish it has. Never would I ever put the sample on my own lips because that would be so disgusting. I know how some people actually wear all kinds of samples at Sephora but how do you do this?


I stumbled upon a Gosh counter recently and thought to myself, hey these look cheap and cute. Unfortunately when I looked at the lip color selection, they weren’t so attractive to me. All but one product did not tempt me to swatch some product on my hand, and it was the color Smoothie. Physically, it looks like a dark pink, borderline red. But when swatched on my hand, it’s more of a wine red that has a popsicle finish. It isn’t as pigmented as I’d like it to be but I love the effect it has on my lips. It doesn’t look like I’m wearing much, but it also makes sure that it goes on evenly on my whole mouth and doesn’t look too unpigmented. It is also not drying, despite having a matte finish which is good. Would I recommend this lipstick? Yes I would.

Sleek may not have the best eyeshadow palettes because of how powdery they are but their lipsticks really aren’t that bad! They’ve got different ranges of lipsticks though, smaller ones to more regular-sized ones but I’ve noticed that the products are still more or less the same, it’s the packaging that’s the only difference.


I’ve got a bright red in Vixen, which I think is the prettiest bright red that Sleek has to offer. The lipstick itself is really tiny so it fits perfectly into my pouch inside my handbag. The pigmentation although as not as thick and rich as MAC lipsticks are still very impressive! One swipe could cover up 90% of your original lip color. The good thing is, you can build up the color on your lips with a couple of swipes. It may feel a bit greasy at first but just blot it with a tissue and it will be better.

The same thing goes to another Sleek lipstick, this time in the shade Fancy Pants. I think it is a very unique color that not everyone can pull off. Not saying that I can but I think it makes any look appear more fun rather than boring and expected.


Pigmentation is Sleek standard – a couple of swipes and a blot will do the trick. However I do feel that it’s be best to apply lipliner before using this shade because it will look neater that way. On it’s own, it’s as if it’s just waiting to bleed at the edges of your mouth.

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