Valar Morghulis: Makeup Products That Remind Me of Game of Thrones


If I haven’t made it clear enough on this website that I am completely, helplessly obsessed with Game of Thrones, then I absolutely have no idea how to express that any more. I’ve come to a point where I’ve re-watched certain episodes over and over again yet still cried (I’m looking at you, Red Wedding and Hold The Door!), and also resorted to listening to just the show’s soundtrack in my car. Ok tipu but I do listen to the opening theme and House Lannister or House Stark themes on a regular basis when driving to work.

I’m always looking for someone to talk to about the show’s theories (like R + L = J???) and what might happen until the season finale (will there really be a Lady Stoneheart appearance?!). I’ve also come to a point where I relate everything in my surrounding with the characters – for example, my cat now is not just a cat; she’s a direwolf slash dragon.

Recently I was cleaning up my makeup collection….and guess what? Some of the products that I have remind me of the women of Game of Thrones! I think that goes to show that I’ve reached an unhealthy level of obsession.

  • Daenerys Targeryen


Everyone’s favourite Queen. I admit, she was the first character I fell in love with when I first watched the show – but after hearing her say “I am Daenerys Stormborn!!!!” for the millionth time… it gets really old. But give me an epic scene of her and Drogon and she goes back to being my favourite again!

We all know that she is the Mother of Dragons, and dragons breathe fire. Each moment that I put on or look at an orange-y red lipstick, I think of the Targeryens. I think of the Three-Headed Dragon. I think of our Khaleesi – and who the other two heads of the Dragon might be?

Putting on an orange-y lipstick like Topshop Rio Rio, Bobbi Brown’s Mandarin or the NYX Indie Flick does make me feel like riding on a dragon and claiming my birth right to the Iron Throne.

  • Cersei Lannister


Everyone’s most hated Queen. Cersei is described in the book as a woman who wishes she had a dick – all because she thinks her brothers Jaime and Tyrion are incompetent in being true Lannisters. I respect her for all that girl power – if only she isn’t such a bad strategist and tactician!

I look at my MAC lipstick in Stone, that I usually pair with my lipliner of the same brand in Chestnut, and I think of her. I love the dark look on me on certain overconfident, I-don’t-give-a-fuck days, but what’s this look got to do with Cersei you ask?

Well Cersei reminds me of dungeons and these shades remind me of dungeons! (although it doesn’t tally with the mood I’m in on days when I actually wear them. Whatevs.)

  • Margaery Tyrell


This one may come off as random but when I look at Lady (or now Queen) Margaery, I always imagine her to smell sweet like honey. Maybe it’s her sweet personality, paired with her beauty and intelligence.

Well she isn’t exactly drop-dead gorgeous in the beauty department but I just love looking at her and her crooked smirk. If she were a bottle of perfume, she’d be the original Chloe. Very golden-ish and full of sunshine-ish, and as sweet as the nectar carried by bees.

That is, if her character doesn’t develop into something else – by then I don’t know if this comparison would still be relevant. Just a note, this article is written at S06E07.

  • Arya Stark


The youngest Lady of House Stark. She may not be your conventional epitome of beauty, but I love this girl! She’s got guts and I can only imagine her psychological state after everything that she’s been through.

If she were a makeup product, she’d be a good drugstore eye palette. All because she’s young, she’s reliable and I can always count on her for a good scene or two within an episode. Okay so maybe I won’t compare her to a total drugstore palette per se, but perhaps a NYX would be more suitable! Perfect for someone who’s getting familiar with cosmetics, and NYX as we all know, is always at an affordable range – but gets the job done.

  • Sansa Stark


She was my least favourite Lady in the first couple seasons when she was betrothed to Joffrey. I thought she was stupid? For calling that sick son of a bitch (literally, since he’s Cersei’s boy) her beloved King – although that bastard (literally too, he is the incestuous bastard of Cersei and Jaime Lannister) was emotionally and physically abusing her!

I started to like her once she escaped that Mad House – even more now that she’s reunited with her half-brother Jon Snow. She is the true Princess of Winterfell; and winter always reminds me of a fresh face, very clean skin, subtly blushed cheeks and dewy luminosity. The L’oreal Magique Cushion Glow Blush is perfect for achieving that look (provided that you have great skin to go with that)! I am in love with the blush, but I’ll save that product for a full review some other time. Pair that up with subtle hints of highlight using The Balm’s Mary-Louminizer and that’s all you need to look like the heiress of Winterfell.

Until then, here’s hoping that no more of my favourite characters die in the upcoming episodes of Game of Thrones!

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